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Found (for Royal (RYL) in groupid)
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Handle: ADT
Real Name: Tamas Lenhardt (aka Thomas Lenhardt)
Country: Hungary
Groups: Absolute! (ABS - ABS!), FBI-Crew c64 (FBI Crew - FBI), Lamer Crew, N19, Royal (RYL), Snap Off Commies Brigade (SOC. Brigade - SB - SBG), Vanguard, Zanza Club

Handle: Crazzy Midi
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Digital Designers, Royal (RYL)

Handle: Hamlet
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Royal (RYL)

Handle: Hifi
Real Name: Stephan van Maris
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Devious Dezigns (Devious - DVS - DD), Effect (EFT), EPH, Oops (OPS), Rats and Dogs (R!D - Rats Dogs - R+D), Royal (RYL), Saints (STS - SNT)

Handle: Infant
Real Name: René van der Steen
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: ABNORMAL (ABN), AcmE pc, Balance (BLC), Conquest (CNQ), Da Bagger Production Posse (DBPP - D.B.P.P. - Bagger Posse - BGR), Desire (DSR), Divas (DIV), Essence (ESC), Facet's Pussy (FP), Intense (ITS - I), K, K!nky (KKY - Kinky), Lemon., Motive, Nah-Kolor (NAH), New Age, Oops (OPS), Royal (RYL), Score, Session (SSN), Silicon Limited (Silicon Ltd. - SLC - SCL), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Jayce
Real Name: Jürgen Rotscheidt
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Axis (AX - AXS - A), Jetset (JS), Paradox (PDX), Pussy (PSY), Royal (RYL), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Magellan
Real Name: Marek Zavodnik
Country: Czech Republic
Groups: Phuture 303 (P303), Priority, Rave Network Overscan (RNO - R.N.O.), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Royal (RYL), Si

Handle: Mortimer Twang
Real Name: Lukas Nystrand
Country: Sweden
Groups: BGirl, Black Sista Allstars, Disciples of Ageema, Divine Stylers (DS!), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), FourFour Project, House of Style (HOS), Imagine (IMG), Loop, Low Profile (LP! - Lo'Pro - Lo'Profile - Lo' Profile), Mono211 (M211), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Progressive Sounds (PGD), Royal (RYL), Supreme (SP - SRE), Theralite, Unwired, Up Rough (UP), Up Rough Kidz

Handle: Newt
Real Name: Christian Mezöfi
Country: Sweden
Groups: Abyss (AYS), Crux (CRX), Diffusion (DFN), ELECTRA, Royal (RYL), Sardonyx (SDX), Simplex Inc. (Simplex - SPX), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Orlingo
Real Name: Paul Rietveld
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Black Sista Allstars, DD-Style (DD Dtyle - DDS), Divine Stylers (DS!), Effect (EFT), Royal (RYL), Stoer and Nutteloes, Voodoo (VDO)

Handle: Pyro
Real Name: Ian
Country: Canada
Groups: Royal (RYL)

Handle: Radavi
Real Name: Raymond Deef Vink
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Corrupt (COR), Da Bagger Production Posse (DBPP - D.B.P.P. - Bagger Posse - BGR), Effect (EFT), Effect pc (EFT), Royal (RYL)

Handle: Relief
Real Name: Daniel Botschinsky
Country: Denmark
Groups: 5th Dynasty (5D), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Flood (FLD), Impact Dk, Kingdom (KGD), Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), MGS!, Mono211 (M211), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Puzzle (PZL), Royal (RYL), The Lowlifes (TLL), Twisted (T), Vanity (VTY - VNT)

Handle: Saber
Real Name: Tommy Eriksson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Excess, Royal (RYL)

Handle: Siracon
Real Name: Anders Johansson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Defiance (DFC), DIVINE, Factor (FTR), Genetic (GNT - GET), Jazz, Maniacs (MNC), Royal (RYL), Sir and Mel Prods

Handle: Skyzol
Real Name: Andrzej Kowalski
Country: Poland
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Mystic (MST), Nipson (NSN), Royal (RYL), Sector 5

Handle: Slice
Real Name: Ola Lindfeldt
Country: Sweden
Groups: Illogik, Powerline (PwL), React, Royal (RYL), The Syndicate (TSC)

Handle: Slime!
Real Name: Tommy
Country: Germany
Groups: Animators (ANM), Art Core (AC!), Birdhouse Projects (BP), Delight (DLT), Myth (MTH), Royal (RYL), Sceptic ($ceptic - SCP - $CP - STC - $TC)

Handle: Timeless
Real Name: Mario Piepenbrink
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Axis (AX - AXS - A), Jetset (JS), Paradox (PDX), Pussy (PSY), Royal (RYL)

Handle: Zarch
Real Name: Henrik Matzen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Addonic (ADC), HEAL Production, Hellfire (HF), Passion (PSN), Royal (RYL), Scoopex (SCX), The Action Team fake, Triflex (TFX), Upfront (UPF)

Handle: Zinko
Real Name: Jack Dandanell
Country: Denmark
Groups: Crux (CRX), Crystal (CSL), Damones (DMS), Deadlock (DLK), Digital Corruption (dC), Disorder, Fairlight (FLT), Kefrens (KFS - K), Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Looker House (LKR), Majic 12 (M12 - MJ12), Melon Dezign (Melon - MLN), Motion (MTN), Polka Brothers (PB), Rowdy c64, Royal (RYL), Style (SE), The Data Division (TDD - DAT), The Drifters (DFT), The Goonies (Goonies 2041), The Lightforce (TLF - LFC), The Shadow Dreamers c64, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), X-Trek (X!)

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